Q. How can I decrease/increase my deposit limit?

Please follow the mentioned steps to increase/decrease your deposit limit:

1. Log into your Adda52 account from Adda52.com or from your Adda52 Application.

2. Click on "Option" on your browser and/or click on Top Left corner (side menu) of the App.

3. Click on "Responsible Gaming" option

4. Click on "Deposit Limit" tab and you will see the following options:
- Per Transaction Limit
- Daily Limit
- Weekly Limit
You can click on Edit button to change your deposit limit Count and/or Amount

Note - Once the deposit limit is set you cannot increase the limit, except for reducing the limits. If your limit is exhausted, you can increase the limit after 7 days but your limit will be renewed by a system defined period. The system defined period is Sunday to Saturday.

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