How can I decrease/increase my deposit limit?

Please follow the mentioned steps to increase/decrease your deposit limit:

1. Log into your Adda52 account from or from your Adda52 Application.

2. On your desktop or browser, click on "Option," or on the mobile app, click on the top left corner (side menu).

3. Click on "Responsible Gaming" option

4. Click on "Deposit Limit" tab and you will see the following options:
- Per Transaction Limit
- Daily Limit
- Weekly Limit
You can click on Edit button to change your deposit limit Count and/or Amount

Note - Once the deposit limit is set you cannot increase the limit, except for reducing the limits. If your limit is exhausted, you can increase the limit after 7 days but your limit will be renewed by a system defined period. The system defined period is Sunday to Saturday.

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