What is bonus code usage condition?

  1. A bonus/deposit code can be used against deposits to get different kinds of bonuses (IB/BB/TB/tickets).
  2. Every bonus/deposit code has an expiration date after which the user cannot use it.
  3. Every bonus code has a release unit (RU) criterion which may change from code to code. RU is a criteria to withdraw the deposit amount.
    Example: If you use a bonus code with 2.5X RU criteria and 10% bonus against a ₹100 deposit, it means you will have to earn 2.5X RU of the bonus earned, i.e., 10*2.5 = 25 RUs before you could withdraw the deposit amount of ₹100.
  4. Every bonus/deposit code has certain benefits attached to it. It could be just one IB/BB/TB/Ticket or a combination of all.
  5. The user can be communicated about the bonus/deposit code through various channels (e-mail/sms/push/call center).
  6. A bonus/deposit code may or may not be available to all the users.

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