How to become a responsible gamer?

Here are a few ways a player can take to become a responsible gamer -

Effective Bankroll management: A player must always play within the limits and stakes you can afford/ have set for yourself. Set aside a daily, weekly or monthly budget of the overall money you want to invest in online poker and play within that range. When on a losing streak, take a break from the game and return with more practice, better strategy.

Learning never ends: Keep studying and analyzing your game to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Be mindful of your performances as you play, so you know when to stop.

Stay fresh and healthy: One must enjoy the game and feel positive in the mind and body. Avoid playing poker when tired, overwhelmed, anxious and/ or stressed out. Play Poker in your free time, avoid during office hours or studying time.

Chasing losses: There is no shortcut to success. We advise to not to chase your losses in an attempt to recover them by playing on game tables with higher stakes. This can be very stressful. Instead of that, take a break and return the next day to the table with a fresh mind.

Poker is fun: Every player must draw a firm line between playing for entertainment and playing for money-making. You must stay true to your reason to play poker and not cross the line. Poker can be a part of your life, NOT the whole of it.

Wisdom: Smoking & Alcohol are not good for health. Playing Poker under their influence is not recommended.

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