How do I use the accumulated RUs to convert the cash deposited into withdrawable money?

"Please read through the table below to understand the concept in a simple manner -

Rs. 1000/- Cash Deposit made - No IB offer taken
Criteria - Player needs 120 RUs (12%) to convert into withdrawable money
Earning formula - Every Rs.100 wagered, 6 RUs are accumulated/ earned

Rs. 1000/- Cash Deposit made - 100 IB received through bonus code with 2.5x RU criteria. (RU criteria may change from code to code)
Player needs 250 RUs (2.5x of IB received) to withdraw his or her Deposited Cash of Rs.1000

*Note: In cases where the player has availed any bonus code, the criteria for conversion may vary. Please read terms and conditions of every Bonus offer very carefully.

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